Procrastination Status

I’m supposed to be doing my homework… I decided to procrastinate by writing a post. I’m currently watching the Yankees game and trying to read my Humanities book. I love history, don’t get me wrong. I read books about history for fun. But this book is so boring and the questions the teacher asks us to answer, are not questions you can answer from the readings. I usually end up bs-ing my answers. Seems to be working, I’ve gotten 100% on all assignments thus far. I’m still waiting to find out how I did on my Spanish exam last Monday. I need to know my score. I’m a freak.

Yesterday was beautiful and all the meals I had planned were warm, comfort foods, so we picked up some steaks and potatoes. I do the grilling in this house, and yesterday was the first time the steaks weren’t very rare, instead medium rare. They were almost perfect, if I may say so myself. We had steak, baked potatoes, zucchini au gratin, garlic bread, and asparagus. I didn’t finish anything on my plate. I ate one quarter of my steak and potato, a few bites of the zucchini dish, and most of my asparagus. I felt like baking afterwards, so I made a batch of cookies for us. I have a feeling I’ll have to freeze them, since we’re not big sweets people. It’s getting cold again, so I’ll be making what’s on the meal plan this week. 

We picked out and ordered our new living room set yesterday. It comes with a coffee table, to end tables, two lamps and some decorative items. I’m pretty excited, but it will be about 5 weeks before they’re ready for pickup. I can’t wait to get everything and get the house put together. I’m also ordering new mats for the bathroom, and a new shower curtain. Right now we have a plain dark blue curtain and I want something a little more fun and bright. I’m thinking we need a few new table cloths as well. My husband should be scared for his wallet…

I hope ya’ll are enjoying your weekend! 

XoXo Kayla


Living Room Makeover

The roommate is moving out today. She didn’t have much here, so there’s not a whole lot of change happening in our house. The only big difference is that she traded us her HUGE TV for our couch and a smaller TV we had in our bedroom. We bought a new couch, and my stepmom is buying us a coffee table and end tables. We decided a living room makeover was much needed. I’m hoping to pick up a new rug and maybe some lamps as well. When my husband and our roommate’s dad picked up the couch to move it out, I couldn’t believe all the dust and random scraps of paper and whatnot under there. I immediately vacuumed and dusted. 

I’ve been crazy busy with school lately, but I just went grocery shopping for some yummy meals next week. I will definitely take pictures and post about our meals as they happen. I have vegetarian lasagna with salad and garlic bread, tuna casserole with green beans and homemade biscuits, and seafood risotto with some kind of veggie and leftover biscuits on the menu plan. I also worked hard to plan lunches and breakfasts so we can cut down on eating out. So…we ordered Chinese food for dinner last night… Yeah. I had class until 8:00 and apparently my husband didn’t want to cook. It was delicious. 

My birthday is coming up in July, so my husband has been asking me what I want for my birthday. I couldn’t think of anything, until I remembered the Yankees are playing the Seattle Mariners in June. I LOVE the Yankees. So I asked if we could go up for a game for my birthday. We need to get on that and buy some tickets! Then today I got the opportunity to buy Taylor Swift pit tickets. I bought them. They’re my other birthday present…I’m spoiled. And I think I’m out of birthday presents now. I have to think of something good to get my husband for his birthday in August. I need to get to thinking…

XoXo Kayla

Busy Bee

I’m sorry I’ve been a bad blogger lately. Life has been crazy. I’m finally back in my own home, taking care of my own dog. While it’s nice to be home and be back to my usual routine, I miss my parent’s dogs. I won’t lie, I kind of miss having complete control of the tv/remote, what to eat and when, and having a little peace and quiet. I did miss my hubby, and of course my puppy boy, though. Plus, the commute was getting a little tiresome. My parent’s had a blast on their vacation, but I’m so glad they’re home safe. I missed them.

Making the meal plan for the week as soon as I get done with homework today. Actually, maybe I’ll save that for Humanities class this evening? That class is so boring. After I get that done, I’ll share the plan with ya’ll. I’ll be back later with a good post!

XoXo Kayla

Busy Week = Bad Blogger

Yikes, I’ve been a terrible blogger this week. Sorry, I’ve been so busy. As I mentioned before, I’m house and dog sitting for my parents. So much driving and running around between school and getting my husband to and from work. I’m exhausted. I don’t get very much sleep these days. I’ve had so much homework this week to top it all off and my first exam in Spanish on MONDAY. Double yikes. So much studying to do. 

Tomorrow I get to go to a celebrations for volunteers at my stepmom’s school. I volunteer twice a week, all days on Fridays when my schedule allows it. We’ll have some tea and a few snacks and hear some nice words about giving up our time to volunteer. I LOVE volunteering at the school. I adore the kids and it’s fun for me. I would go every day if I could. 

Off topic, but I have a funny little story from this week. Tuesday I didn’t have time to drop my mom’s puppy off at my house before going to my night math class, so fingers crossed I took her to school with me, hoping that my professor would allow us to stay. Needless to say, he loved her, along with the rest of the class, so we were allowed to stay. She was so good. She slept on my lap or on the table next to me the whole time. Love her. Except, when she pees on the comforter in the morning as I’m getting dressed to take her out. No, I still love her then. 

I hope ya’ll are having a great week! Oh, and just so you know… My dinners have been sad. I didn’t actually eat dinner last night, I was busy and then I was too tired to when I got the chance. I think dinner tonight will be roasted chicken with some potatoes or salad or something. But roast chicken will be involved. Please tell me about your delicious meals, so I can live vicariously through you. Thanks.

XoXo Kayla


This is going to be an interesting week. I’m dog/house sitting for my parents who live in a small town about half an hour from where I live. I have to bring my mom’s dog to my house in the mornings before I go to school, my dad’s dog stays out in a kennel all day. Don’t worry he has a dog house and a heated bed in there. It sucks because none of my wireless devices are connected to my parent’s Wi-Fi so I have to make sure I have everything I need for homework/class printed out at home before I head back to my parent’s house for the night. Their house is also large and scary. 

Speaking of homework, I have a ton to get done this week. I realized I’ve been missing a small portion of my Spanish homework that is supposed to be done on paper instead of online. Ooops. I’ll get caught up on that tonight. I also have a ton of Humanities and Math homework to complete. Humanities can wait until tomorrow, math HAS to get done tonight/tomorrow afternoon. I can handle that. I’m baking some cookies for the fellas at my husband’s work tonight and I might be a nice classmate/student and bring some in for my Spanish class. I made some food; a stir-fry, roasted chicken served over salad, and banana nut muffins to take with me to my parent’s house. I made banana chocolate chip muffins for my hubby. I’m not a huge chocolate fan.

I guess our roommate is moving out. I guess she has a friend at her church that is looking for a roommate or something like that. So she’ll be moving in with her soon. She doesn’t have very much privacy here, and all four of us share a bathroom, so it will be better for all of us. 

XoXo Kayla

Kindergartners Are Brutal, But I Love Them

Wow. The kindergartners were wild today. For some reason a handful of them have decided that only I can answer their questions- “How do you spell broccoli?” “Can I go to the bathroom?” so while I’m helping one kid with their work, I have one or two or four kids tugging on my sleeves saying, “Kayla! Kayla! How do you spell…” Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But it’s hard work, too. The kids had their 3rd grade reading buddies today and the in all the chaos, the room was left as a giant mess. So I crawled around on the floor and picked up discarded scraps of paper, pencils, wrappers, and whatnot. Pushed chairs in, made sure the kids had their take home folders, helped the sub get all the kids on their correct buses, or to the correct parents, and so on and so forth. I think I messed my back up again. Woe is me. 

Thankfully, I came home at lunch to set the Salisbury steak up in the crock pot, so when my husband and I got home all I had to do was make mashed potatoes and roast some vegetables. It. Was. Delicious. And it definitely hit the spot, it was so cold and dreary here today. Tomorrow is Cornish game hens, asparagus risotto, vegetables, and homemade biscuits. Pretty excited for my first time make risotto. Yes, I need to get out more. This weekend will be all about homework and getting some baking in. I’m planning on banana bread, cupcakes, probably some cookies, and cinnamon bread. But more homework than baking for sure 😦 I have so much stuff to complete. Off to get started 🙂

XoXo Kayla

Today I Learned…

That Seth MacFarlane wrote for Johnny Bravo. I never knew this, and as I’m a huge fan of Family Guy, this probably explains why I’m obsessed with Johnny Bravo. Seriously, I’ve been a fan since I was a child and I was uber excited when it was added to Netflix. I may even be watching it right now… 

In my defense, I did finish my math homework (whew!) and I’ve been studying and making flash cards for Spanish. It’s almost my three day weekend, just have to get through two and a half hours of math tonight. Yuck. BUT I do get to volunteer in my stepmom’s classroom tomorrow. I have been volunteering twice a week for the past few months, but I didn’t go in on Tuesday because of my back. Last week was spring break, so I haven’t seen the kiddos in TWO weeks. I miss them. It’s a kindergarten class, and they are awesome. I love kids, so I always look forward to seeing them. They are so funny, and sweet. They always tell me how beautiful I am, and draw me pictures, and tell me jokes. They’re pretty much the best. 

As for dinner tonight, I’m making some rice and chicken before I leave for class and then when I get home, I’ll whip up a stir fry. I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I make Salisbury steak in my sexy new crock pot. We’ll have mashed potatoes and some sort of vegetable side with it. 

What’s for dinner at your house?

XoXo Kayla