I’m an Old Lady in a Young Lady’s Body

Yesterday my husband had an early meeting at work, and when he got back we went for a long walk with our dog. On the walk I felt a little bit of pain in my hips, but once I was about to mention it to my husband it was gone and I forgot about it. We went home, I showered, and sent my husband off to work. About an hour after he left I got up to get something to eat and I could barely walk. My hips and lower back hurt sooo bad. I text my husband and he came home a few hours later, wanting me to go to the doctors. I didn’t want to go, because at that point it was so late I wouldn’t be able to get an appointment with my regular doctor, I would have to go to urgent care. But a couple of hours later the pain was still so bad and it was moving up back, that I finally relented and we went to urgent care. Of course I just threw my back out somehow. They gave me a muscle relaxer and sent me home with orders to ice it (no more heating pads 😦 ) and do some mild stretching. Confession time. I haven’t iced it and the muscle relaxer didn’t do much for me, except make me sleepy. I don’t think I’ll bother with them anymore. I’ll try Ibuprofen and stretching. 

So far I’ve been taking it easy, since it’s painful to walk. I’ve been playing video games and catching up on some reading. Hope the rest of you are feeling better and having a great weekend!

XoXo Kayla


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