Math Class and Muchos Gracias

Whew. Had my first math class of the quarter tonight. Two and a half hours of…math. My head hurts. My back and hips hurt even worse. My back still isn’t better and those chairs are very uncomfortable even when there is nothing wrong with my back. My teacher made it clear this math class moves very quickly, so I have a feeling math will be my life for the next 10 weeks. Not so great when I’m taking Spanish as well. As of right now I think my biggest trouble with humanities will just be trying to stay awake in class. 

With school starting this week, and my back problem, we haven’t been eating very well or creatively this week. Last night we kind of stuck to the meal plan and had grilled chicken, but we veered off plan with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables, instead of asparagus risotto. Tonight was bad though. I don’t get out of math class until 8:00 and it was only my husband and I around tonight, so I picked up Muchos Gracias on the way home. Bad, on so many levels, but oh so yummy. Now I’m in bed, tryyyying to convince myself to start on my math homework since we already have a boatload, with the promise of another boatload on Thursday. Better get started.

XoXo Kayla


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