I made taco salad for dinner tonight. It was kind of pointless though. My husband is working late tonight, and the roommate is…elsewhere? My sister is out of town for softball, and I’m not very hungry yet. It smells and looks really good though. We have ground beef, shredded cheese, olives, onions, Nacho Cheese Doritos, and sour cream to top it. We got our CSA box today, with a ton of yummy produce, so I also made a fruit salad for tomorrow.

Good news. I’ve finished my Espanol homework, but… Bad news. I haven’t even started on my math homework. I still have a boatload to complete tonight. Yikes. I was going to start earlier, but I took a nap instead. My bad. I guess I should get started on that…

But first, I want to tell you guys about my new favorite song. I am obsessed with Lady Antebellum’s new song “Downtown”. I am not a huge Lady Antebellum fan, I loathe their song “I Need You Now”, but I’m really loving “Downtown.” It’s super catchy, and it gets stuck in my head after just one listen, but since I listen to it basically nonstop in the car, it’s always running through my mind. If you like country music and haven’t listened to it yet, you should check it out!

XoXo Kayla


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