Living Room Makeover

The roommate is moving out today. She didn’t have much here, so there’s not a whole lot of change happening in our house. The only big difference is that she traded us her HUGE TV for our couch and a smaller TV we had in our bedroom. We bought a new couch, and my stepmom is buying us a coffee table and end tables. We decided a living room makeover was much needed. I’m hoping to pick up a new rug and maybe some lamps as well. When my husband and our roommate’s dad picked up the couch to move it out, I couldn’t believe all the dust and random scraps of paper and whatnot under there. I immediately vacuumed and dusted. 

I’ve been crazy busy with school lately, but I just went grocery shopping for some yummy meals next week. I will definitely take pictures and post about our meals as they happen. I have vegetarian lasagna with salad and garlic bread, tuna casserole with green beans and homemade biscuits, and seafood risotto with some kind of veggie and leftover biscuits on the menu plan. I also worked hard to plan lunches and breakfasts so we can cut down on eating out. So…we ordered Chinese food for dinner last night… Yeah. I had class until 8:00 and apparently my husband didn’t want to cook. It was delicious. 

My birthday is coming up in July, so my husband has been asking me what I want for my birthday. I couldn’t think of anything, until I remembered the Yankees are playing the Seattle Mariners in June. I LOVE the Yankees. So I asked if we could go up for a game for my birthday. We need to get on that and buy some tickets! Then today I got the opportunity to buy Taylor Swift pit tickets. I bought them. They’re my other birthday present…I’m spoiled. And I think I’m out of birthday presents now. I have to think of something good to get my husband for his birthday in August. I need to get to thinking…

XoXo Kayla


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