Busy Busy Busy

Wow. I am a bad bad blogger. Life has been crazy, with school and the puppy and everything else. I wish I could promise to be better in the next couple of weeks, buuut, well finals week is coming up and I have a presentation on Louis Armstrong to research and complete over the weekend to present of Monday. I also have a group presentation for Spanish that includes a power point, video, and skit. It has to be completely in Spanish, and I’m freaking out. And then there’s math. I suck at math. I’m so bad, it just doesn’t make sense to me and I hate graphing. I am definitely ready for a little break before summer quarter starts up again. 

Lucy is doing well, she enjoys terrorizing Max, and keeping us on our toes. She has had a LOT of baths in her few weeks with us. We’re still working on potty training, of course, and leash training. We really need to get her leash trained before she weighs more than I do, and walks ME instead of me walking her. 

I hope you all had a great and safe Memorial Day weekend. 

XoXo Kayla


Puppies are Hard Work.

Whew, I forgot how hard it was to have a puppy. My oldest dog is 4, so it’s been a little while since I’ve had to get up in the middle of the night to take him out, and follow him all over the house to make sure he’s not going potty in the house or chewing something up. Lucy is a sweet girl, but she’s not very nice to her brother. She likes to chew on his lips, his ears, his elbows, the backs of his legs, just about anything she can get her sharp little teeth on. I have been exhausted lately. It’s been hard for me to fall asleep, and even though my husband and I trade off on nights actually getting up with the puppy, it still wakes me up when he gets up. Then it’s hard for me to fall back asleep and I have to get up early for school.

Speaking of school, I am so very behind on work. This quarter has been a rough one. But it’s almost over! Then I get a small break before summer quarter starts. I’m really excited to be done with all of this school business. Only 5 years to go…

Meals have been pathetic around her as of late. We’re back on the fast food habit. We’re getting out of that habit ASAP. I promise that eventually I will get on the ball with sharing recipes and meal ideas. I am craving turkey, which is odd, because I’m not a huge turkey fan (weird, I know), so I’m going to make one big traditional turkey meal, and then with the leftovers we will make turkey and rice soup, and turkey pot pie. 

I’ll have more tomorrow, I have some homework to finish up before class in an hour.

XoXo Kayla

Lucy Update

Lucy had a great first night. She slept on the floor by our bed after refusing to sleep on the bed with us. She didn’t potty on the floor, or chew anything up. Every time I woke up, she was in a different spot on the floor, but she was a good girl. She’s had a few accidents today, but that is to be expected. We’re exhausted, neither one of us could sleep well, we kept waking up to check on her. She slept like a baby. As for Max, well, he’s adjusting. She likes to chew on his face, and steal his food, and he’s so tolerant and sweet he just lets her do it. But he’s also frustrated that she’s too little for him to really play with, but that will change soon enough. I’m incredibly behind on homework, so it’s kind of a good thing I have a puppy to keep me at home now. No more procrastinating for me!

Meals around here have been…boring. Lazy. Last minute. Nothing to blog about. I’ll try to change that this week. We’re getting our produce box today, so I’ll make a plan when I see what comes. Tonight will be some type of chicken and rice casserole. It’s cold and rainy here again, and we have a ton of chicken thighs to use up, so I think that’s a good plan. 

XoXo Kayla

Our New Addition

I am so pleased to say that we got our new puppy a day early. She will be 9 weeks old on Friday. She seems to be adjusting just fine, and already has a favorite spot to nap. Before we went to pick her up we bought her some necessary items, a food bowl, leash, collar, and yes, a name tag. We decided to name her Lucy. Lucy on my part because of Lucille Ball. I Love Lucy has been my favorite show since I was a young girl. I have it set to record on my Tivo. My husband is a fan of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which has a strong female character named Lucy. I think it suits her. She’s so sweet, and curious, and cuddly. 




XoXo Kayla

Kayla and the Very Good, Awesome Day

Well guys, Mother’s Day was a success. Brunch with my mom was fabulous, and she loved her presents. Dinner with my mother-in-law was great as well. It was a long day for me, I did a lot of walking, and was on my feet all day, but it was worth it to spoil those two lovely ladies. 

Today is a great day. I got my scores back on my Humanities test AND my Spanish test. I got a…90 on my Humanities test WHOO! I’ll take it, I totally thought I bombed it! I got a 92 on my Spanish test. Not too shabby. I’m going to get a massage in a little while, and my husband and I bought a canoe today! SO excited to take that baby out on the water. I also have a big announcement… My husband and I are expecting an addition to our family. A GIANT addition. A beautiful baby girl, a Saint Bernard puppy 😉 We will be getting her on Wednesday. We haven’t agreed on a name yet though. I like people names for my dogs, so we’ll see. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and definitely welcome! To top it all off, my Humanities class was cancelled for tonight. Yay! I hope all of you are having a great day!

XoXo Kayla

Happy Mother’s Day

Whew. Today has been busy. I woke up and did some gardening this morning, ran some errands, including the grocery store where I ran into my step-mom, little sister, and nieces. I just got home and put everything away, and now I’m taking a lunch break. I’m making BBQ chicken for dinner tonight so I need to marinate that in a little while, and I’m also going to do some baking for Mother’s day. My mom doesn’t eat sweets, so I’m not baking for her, but I’m baking for my mother-in-law, step-mom, and my grandma. It’s going to be hoooot in my house. Good thing we installed the AC’s recently. 

As I mentioned, I went to the grocery store earlier, and my cashier was great, friendly, helped me unload my cart (he was very bored), and fast. However, as I was leaving he says, “Bye, have a great day!”, perfectly normal and expected, but then he says “Happy Mother’s day!” Now, I’m not a mom, so I was confused. I didn’t have any children with me, in fact, I was all alone. I don’t think I look pregnant (I’m not), and I never implied that I had children. I’m not upset, just confused. I smiled, and probably looked confused, and said thanks. Because I didn’t know what else to say. Now I’m thinking that maybe I should go on a diet…? 

On a side note, I would just like to ask. I mentioned to my husband the other day that Pinnacle Vodka now has a Red Licorice flavor and that I wanted it. I completely forgot about this, but he did not. He surprised me and brought some home for me last night. It is delicious by itself, but I would really like to mix it with something. Do any of you have any ideas for me? 

XoXo Kayla

Sick. Again.

Spanish class wasn’t cancelled again this morning. Drat. I seem to have gotten the cold my husband has. My throat hurts really bad, but then I also feel flu-ish. So much fun. My mom’s birthday is on Friday, so I have a few errands to run after class. My husband and I are going to have a sushi date, and then I have to go shopping. I need to pick up my mom’s birthday and mother’s day presents. I already got mother’s day cards for the necessary people. I have a couple of ideas, but apparently my sister and I had the same idea for one thing, so I’m kind of back to square one. 

I don’t think we will celebrate my mom’s birthday as a family, but I know that my mom and dad are going out with their friends Saturday night. My sister and I are taking my mom (and dad) out to brunch on mother’s day at one of my mom’s favorite places. I hope ya’ll already have your mother’s day all planned. Spoil your moms, they deserve it! If you’re a mom, I hope you are spoiled rotten. 

XoXo Kayla