School Update

We’re getting our weekly delivery of our organic produce box today, so when I get home from Humanities class, I’ll be making vegetarian lasagna. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s going to be too hot to cook in the oven for the next week or so, so after we finish off the lasagna, we’ll be grilling our dinners on the bbq. My husband is making his delicious salsa, and I’ll be making my lazy girl guacamole, and we’ll have chicken fajitas on Cinco De Mayo. I might even try to find a recipe for watermelon margaritas. YUM. I’ll grill the chicken and try to roast the veggies on the grill, too. We’ll probably end up having hotdogs and hamburgers at some point as well, since those are easy and don’t require the oven.

This weekend is going to be beautiful in our area, and of course I have a bunch of tests coming up. I have a math test tomorrow (YIKES!!) and tests in Spanish and Humanities on Tuesday. I’m not too terribly worried about the Spanish test, but I am super nervous for my Humanities test. I can’t focus in the class, because it’s so boring and the teacher isn’t super engaging. Needless to say, I do my meal planning and grocery list in that class. Not helpful for the test. 

Would anyone like to take my place in Humanities class tonight for me? I’ll save you some delicious vegetarian lasagna. It will be worth it, I promise. No takers? Darn.

XoXo Kayla


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