Too Hot to Cook


Not to complain, but it’s been too hot here to do any real cooking. We picked up pizza Sunday night, because my husband, who was supposed to be off at 6, did not get done until almost 8:00. I had been busy with school work all day and I had been planning on making baked potatoes on the grill, and…something else. Maybe bratwurst on the grill or something. But then, he was super late (I had to sit in the car the whole time waiting for him to be done.) and it was super hot and he was starving. So we got pizza. Last night I made baked potatoes and bratwurst, but I’m already thinking about that to make tonight. We have the stuff to make vegetarian lasagna and I need to use up the veggies we have. Buuuuuut. It’s so hooooot. I can’t imagine having the oven on for that long, and then eating such a warm, rich meal. Besides, I have class from 5:30-8:00 tonight and my husband is sick. Looks like take out again? Ugh.

My Spanish class was cancelled Monday and Tuesday (today) and we were supposed to have a test today. The teacher has moved the test back to Thursday, so we can have a review day. I’d rather just take the test, we’re already behind schedule, but whatever. I hope everything is OK with my professor and his family. By the way, I took that test in Humanities yesterday, and I don’t think I did so great. Uh oh. 

XoXo Kayla


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