Happy Mother’s Day

Whew. Today has been busy. I woke up and did some gardening this morning, ran some errands, including the grocery store where I ran into my step-mom, little sister, and nieces. I just got home and put everything away, and now I’m taking a lunch break. I’m making BBQ chicken for dinner tonight so I need to marinate that in a little while, and I’m also going to do some baking for Mother’s day. My mom doesn’t eat sweets, so I’m not baking for her, but I’m baking for my mother-in-law, step-mom, and my grandma. It’s going to be hoooot in my house. Good thing we installed the AC’s recently. 

As I mentioned, I went to the grocery store earlier, and my cashier was great, friendly, helped me unload my cart (he was very bored), and fast. However, as I was leaving he says, “Bye, have a great day!”, perfectly normal and expected, but then he says “Happy Mother’s day!” Now, I’m not a mom, so I was confused. I didn’t have any children with me, in fact, I was all alone. I don’t think I look pregnant (I’m not), and I never implied that I had children. I’m not upset, just confused. I smiled, and probably looked confused, and said thanks. Because I didn’t know what else to say. Now I’m thinking that maybe I should go on a diet…? 

On a side note, I would just like to ask. I mentioned to my husband the other day that Pinnacle Vodka now has a Red Licorice flavor and that I wanted it. I completely forgot about this, but he did not. He surprised me and brought some home for me last night. It is delicious by itself, but I would really like to mix it with something. Do any of you have any ideas for me? 

XoXo Kayla


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