Lucy Update

Lucy had a great first night. She slept on the floor by our bed after refusing to sleep on the bed with us. She didn’t potty on the floor, or chew anything up. Every time I woke up, she was in a different spot on the floor, but she was a good girl. She’s had a few accidents today, but that is to be expected. We’re exhausted, neither one of us could sleep well, we kept waking up to check on her. She slept like a baby. As for Max, well, he’s adjusting. She likes to chew on his face, and steal his food, and he’s so tolerant and sweet he just lets her do it. But he’s also frustrated that she’s too little for him to really play with, but that will change soon enough. I’m incredibly behind on homework, so it’s kind of a good thing I have a puppy to keep me at home now. No more procrastinating for me!

Meals around here have been…boring. Lazy. Last minute. Nothing to blog about. I’ll try to change that this week. We’re getting our produce box today, so I’ll make a plan when I see what comes. Tonight will be some type of chicken and rice casserole. It’s cold and rainy here again, and we have a ton of chicken thighs to use up, so I think that’s a good plan. 

XoXo Kayla


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