Potato Salad Recipe

Today we spent the day with my little sister. She’s five, though she’ll be six next month. Her parents are in San Francisco for the weekend, so I asked if I could have her for at least one of the nights they were going to be gone. My sister has been sick and although she’s trying to pretend she feels fine, she clearly isn’t feeling well. She barely picked at the quesadilla I made her for lunch, and she ate exactly 3 bites of her dinner before passing out at 7:00. This girl is a night owl, so this is pretty unusual for her. 

My other sister’s father-in-law is in the hospital so she’s trying to be there for her man. So I’ve had her dog since yesterday and will probably have him another night. Unfortunately he’s sick, and woke me up at 4:30 this morning by trying to puke on my head. Then my dog had a freak out moment at 6:30 in the morning and woke us all up. It was not a good night for sleep in this house. I’m hoping to get some good sleep tonight. 

So we’ve made a few things this week, that I meant to take pictures of and share recipes for, but we ate them before I could get pictures. I’m sorry about that. But I can still share recipes. The first thing I’ll share, I can actually take pictures of- at least the leftovers. It’s my friend’s should be famous recipe. Kind of. She doesn’t actually measure anything. 

Potato Salad

5 lbs Potatoes, peeled, cubed and boiled to fork tender

10 boiled eggs, chopped

This is where it gets tricky. This is what I used, to our taste.

5 small Dill Pickles, chopped

1/2 Cup chopped black olives

1/3 Cup chopped Celery

About 1 cup Mayonnaise

About 4 tablespoons Yellow Mustard

Salt and Pepper to taste. 

Prepare potatoes as specified above. Let cool. Mix everything together in a large bowl. Try not to eat the entire bowl in one sitting. It will be hard. 

I know it doesn’t sound amazing, and it’s incredibly simple, but it is freaking delicious. 

Later I’ll post recipes for awesome burgers and macaroni and cheese with bacon and peas. And cookies. Chocolate chip cookies. 

XoXo Kayla


First World Problems; Let it Out

Sometimes life isn’t all hunky-dory. I know that I am truly blessed, we have a running car, a roof over our head, food for us, food for our dogs, and just enough money to get by most of the time. I know that this is more than a lot of people have, so I feel bad complaining. But… I need to get some of this out. 

My husband’s employers are stealing money from him. The process confuses me, and due to the sensitivity of this issue, I can’t go into more detail, but they are, and he is understandable upset. However, other than getting his resume out into the world and actively looking for another job, there isn’t a whole lot he can do about it right now. I am unemployed and going to school full-time, so he is our sole bread winner. He needs to have a job. His is frustrated and a little grumpy. I’m tired, my toe hurts, and I’m a little sensitive. This is not a good mix. 

Secondly, I have yet to hear back about my financial aid for school, and the new quarter starts July 8th. I need to buy books, and other supplies, and know that the classes will actually be paid for. This is stressing me out beyond belief. I know that I still have a couple of weeks, and I shouldn’t worry too much, but it’s frustrating to say the least. I can’t be held up by money, I need to finish school so that we can better our lives, and help to better other people’s lives. 

Thirdly, I have to wait 4 weeks for my toe to heal before I can get back in the gym. I was doing so well getting to the gym and getting a routine down. I’m tired of being out of shape and it’s killing me that I have a 4 week set back. Boo.

Like I said, I know I’m blessed, and these are just little roadblocks that we will overcome. But it’s frustrating. I just needed to let it out. 

Spicy Jambalaya

My husband bought some spicy bratwurst for a BBQ we attended a week ago. We didn’t care for them prepared as a hotdog, but I figured we’d like them in a jambalaya. I had a big bag of rice hanging out needing to be used up, vegetable broth and some canned chicken to add to it. Yes, occasionally, I use canned chicken. Not a whole canned chicken, but the chicken breast chunks, in a can. I also added a can of diced tomatoes, celery, green bell pepper, and garlic. Oh, and bacon. Heavenly delicious bacon. I would have added onion, but as I was unloading my groceries on the belt, I noticed that the onion I picked out was moldy and I forgot to grab one later. Just in case anyone is interested, here is what I used and the exact amount.

3 Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage Links, sliced

1 Green Bell Pepper, diced

4 Stalks of Celery, chopped

4 Cups of Vegetable broth (can use chicken, but I had vegetable broth on hand)

1 can of Chicken Breast chunks

1 can of Diced Tomatoes

1 tablespoon of minced garlic

2 Cups Brown Rice

4 strips of crispy bacon.

I browned the sausage links in a pan and then drained on a paper towel lined plate. I then sauteed the garlic, bell pepper, and celery in the same pan, seasoning with salt, cayenne pepper, and onion powder. Then in a tall stockpot I added the broth, rice, and the rest of the ingredients, except the chicken. I didn’t want it to get dry, so everything else simmered for 30 minutes and then I added the chicken and let simmer for another 15 minutes. Next time I’ll add worcestershire sauce and maybe a bit of hot sauce when I add the chicken, but it was still pretty tasty.

XoXo Kayla


I have horrible feet. I’ve always had some sort of foot issue. I have extremely dry heels, toe nails that grow in curved, so I’m prone to ingrown toenails, and this is totally embarrassing, but I picked up a toenail fungus at outdoor school as a child. So, today I had to have an ingrown toenail surgically removed for the third time. I don’t handle shots well at all, to the point I hyperventilate and cry before the needle even enters the room. So my doctor gave me a Xanax before performing the procedure. It was wonderful. Once it had a chance to kick in, I wasn’t worried at all, the shots still hurt so so bad, but I wasn’t scared at all. This was a much better experience for me. My toe still hurts pretty bad, it throbs and really lets me know when I’ve been on my feet for too long. But soon it will feel so much better and I’ll be able to wear cute shoes again.

We’ve been eating out a lot still, but we are working out and trying to lose weight (and save money), so we’re trying to eat at home more often. This week, I have Jambalaya, chicken quesadilla/soft tacos, breakfast for dinner, and we’ll BBQ one night on our next weeks meal plan. I’ll post pictures and recipes as the week goes by for ya’ll. We’re also planning a 4th of July party and a Luau birthday party for me, in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll post about those plans, too!

XoXo Kayla

Last Final!!

Last final of the quarter is tomorrow morning! Whew, I made it 🙂 I am so ready for a break. This one will be a quick 10 minute “chat” with 2 other students and the teacher for Spanish. I’m not too incredibly worried about it. Except that I have some really big hive type bumps on my feet. Over the counter allergy meds aren’t helping at all, so I’m going to try Benadryl tonight and if that still doesn’t help I’ll most likely go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon. By the way, I say hive like and not just hives because, I get “stress hives” quite often and these aren’t like the hives I usually get. They don’t spread from heat, although they do get larger from heat and scratching. We’ll see what happens I guess. 

I’m trying to work on a grocery list and meal plan for the next couple of weeks, but the weather has been unpredictable and I don’t like eating heavy, rich meals on hot days, so we’ve been kind of winging it. I’ll share our meals if they’re particularly yummy or exciting over the next few weeks. 

XoXo Kayla


End of the Quarter!!

Can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted. The end of this quarter is kicking my butt. Add to that I woke up this morning with a sore throat and almost no voice. I’m pleased to report that I survived both of my presentations, and now I’m done with them (at least for this quarter). I am so looking forward to a break from school, no matter how small it is. I’m not looking forward to my last day with the kindy’s this Friday. I don’t want a new class, I love this class. I know that I will love next year’s class just as much, but I will miss these kiddos so so much. I’m bringing in a special treat for them.

Since I’ve been so busy, and now I’m sick, dinners have been…sad around here. Last night, for example, I had a few slices of cheese and a boiled egg. Monday night was a little better with chicken burgers and fries, but there were both of the frozen variety, so it could have been better. Now that I’m sick I’m craving soup. And salad. And bread. I just might have to run to the store tomorrow.  I promise once I’m on break and feeling better I will post more exciting things! 

XoXo Kayla

Review of Spaghetti Sauce

As promised, I have a review of my first attempt at making homemade spaghetti sauce. The sauce was very flavorful, it was pretty delicious, if I may say so myself. With one little exception. The consistency was a little runny, which I am definitely not a fan of. I’m not going to post the recipe until I tweak it to perfection (at least in our opinion), but I’ll post some pictures when I dish up tonight. It made a ton, so we’re having leftovers. I’ll edit to add pictures later this evening.

Simmering Spaghetti Sauce

This is while the spaghetti sauce was simmering. The house smelled amazing while it was simmering.


This was my dinner tonight. I added some Parmesan and red pepper flakes just before eating. It was pretty tasty.

XoXo Kayla