Potato Salad Recipe

Today we spent the day with my little sister. She’s five, though she’ll be six next month. Her parents are in San Francisco for the weekend, so I asked if I could have her for at least one of the nights they were going to be gone. My sister has been sick and although she’s trying to pretend she feels fine, she clearly isn’t feeling well. She barely picked at the quesadilla I made her for lunch, and she ate exactly 3 bites of her dinner before passing out at 7:00. This girl is a night owl, so this is pretty unusual for her. 

My other sister’s father-in-law is in the hospital so she’s trying to be there for her man. So I’ve had her dog since yesterday and will probably have him another night. Unfortunately he’s sick, and woke me up at 4:30 this morning by trying to puke on my head. Then my dog had a freak out moment at 6:30 in the morning and woke us all up. It was not a good night for sleep in this house. I’m hoping to get some good sleep tonight. 

So we’ve made a few things this week, that I meant to take pictures of and share recipes for, but we ate them before I could get pictures. I’m sorry about that. But I can still share recipes. The first thing I’ll share, I can actually take pictures of- at least the leftovers. It’s my friend’s should be famous recipe. Kind of. She doesn’t actually measure anything. 

Potato Salad

5 lbs Potatoes, peeled, cubed and boiled to fork tender

10 boiled eggs, chopped

This is where it gets tricky. This is what I used, to our taste.

5 small Dill Pickles, chopped

1/2 Cup chopped black olives

1/3 Cup chopped Celery

About 1 cup Mayonnaise

About 4 tablespoons Yellow Mustard

Salt and Pepper to taste. 

Prepare potatoes as specified above. Let cool. Mix everything together in a large bowl. Try not to eat the entire bowl in one sitting. It will be hard. 

I know it doesn’t sound amazing, and it’s incredibly simple, but it is freaking delicious. 

Later I’ll post recipes for awesome burgers and macaroni and cheese with bacon and peas. And cookies. Chocolate chip cookies. 

XoXo Kayla


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