Pizza Monkey Bread

I love pizza. I could eat it 5 nights a week and be happy. Since it’s not very healthy, I try to limit it to once every two weeks or so. It had been a while since we had pizza so I had a major craving, but I wanted something a little different. So I decided to try pizza monkey bread. It was amazing. So delicious.


Please excuse the crappy phone pictures, it’s the best I can do right now!


2lbs Pizza Dough (I used store bought)

Pepperoni (Or your favorite meat pizza topping)

Mozzarella Cheese cut into cubes

Pizza Sauce for dipping

2 tablespoons melted butter with garlic and Italian Seasoning mixed in


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Take a large marble sized piece of dough flatten in between your hands. Layer a piece or two of pepperoni on top, stick in a cube of cheese and pinch shut the dough. Dunk it in the melted butter and drop into bundt pan. Continue until all of the dough is gone. You can wait to preheat your oven until this step and cover the bundt pan for half an hour and then bake. this will give you dough that is a little less puffy. However, I let mine sit for maybe 10 minutes and we like it just fine. Bake for 30 minutes or until the top is very brown, but not burned of course. Serve with pizza sauce for dipping. Enjoy! We usually eat this with a salad on the side.

XoXo Kayla


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