Our Meal Plan for This Week

Whew boy, school is kicking my behind. This is our meal plan this week:

Garlic chicken angel hair pasta with roasted vegetables

Crispy cheddar chicken strips, roasted vegetables, and black beans and rice

Breakfast for dinner. Eggs, bacon/sausage, and hashbrowns. Maybe pancakes.

Tacos and refried beans.

Chicken Fried Rice.


I’m Sick Way Too Often

Well my meal plan went to crap, because I got sick. Yes, again. I’m feeling a little better, so I’m making the slow cooker chicken and broccoli. I’ll let you know what we thought about it tomorrow, and hopefully I remember to take pictures later. 

I just remembered that I did make the tuna casserole. I forgot to get pictures, but let’s be honest. Tuna casserole looks really gross anyway, so who cares. I’ll share my recipe later this week.