Catching Up

Boy, I fail at this blogging deal. Sorry. School has been getting progressively worse with each quarter, and this quarter is no exception. My medical terminology teacher this quarter seems to have forgotten it is only a three credit class. We’re doing more work than in my 5 credit classes put together each week. It’s pretty ridiculous. 

I did take some time out for fun last night. My dad participated in a charity basketball game police officers vs the fire department. It was a lot of fun. I don’t usually like basketball, but I got into the game and it was exciting. I’m hoping he participates again next year, because his team lost (Boooo!) and he needs to redeem himself ;).  Besides going out for that last night, I’ve been pretty much a homebody only leaving to go to school. I’ve been swamped with homework and readings, so I haven’t had much time for anything else. Unfortunately due to the work overload my house has been pretty neglected. So yesterday I woke up in a productive mood and did a ton of cleaning. Got all of our laundry cleaned and dried (including bedding!) so now I have to find time to hang and fold everything. That is my least favorite part of laundry. If I had it my way I would dress out of a giant heaping basket of clean laundry, but my husband doesn’t appreciate that. My friend K wanted to come hang out, so I warned her that she would be watching me clean, but we could watch a movie and talk while I cleaned, so she came over. It was fun, and so nice to see her. We’re both so busy that we haven’t had a chance to catch up in a really long time. We’re planning an epic girls night out soon and I can’t wait. I’m thinking we’ll have to go somewhere with a great bar, but that isn’t solely 21 and over, so my 20 year old sister can come as well. 7 more months sis! 

I’m making a slow cooker ham and potato soup tonight. It’s supposed to be really cold for the next few days, before getting super warm, so I’m taking this opportunity to make soup. I love soup so much. I’ll share the recipe and our review tomorrow. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s a good one. We recently discovered that ham makes my husband physically ill (we finally put two and two together after this happening every time he eats ham…) so, I’ll make him so chicken and something on the side. But my sister and I will be eating the soup, so I’ll share both of our thoughts. See ya tomorrow!

XoXo Kayla


Busy Week = Bad Blogger

Yikes, I’ve been a terrible blogger this week. Sorry, I’ve been so busy. As I mentioned before, I’m house and dog sitting for my parents. So much driving and running around between school and getting my husband to and from work. I’m exhausted. I don’t get very much sleep these days. I’ve had so much homework this week to top it all off and my first exam in Spanish on MONDAY. Double yikes. So much studying to do. 

Tomorrow I get to go to a celebrations for volunteers at my stepmom’s school. I volunteer twice a week, all days on Fridays when my schedule allows it. We’ll have some tea and a few snacks and hear some nice words about giving up our time to volunteer. I LOVE volunteering at the school. I adore the kids and it’s fun for me. I would go every day if I could. 

Off topic, but I have a funny little story from this week. Tuesday I didn’t have time to drop my mom’s puppy off at my house before going to my night math class, so fingers crossed I took her to school with me, hoping that my professor would allow us to stay. Needless to say, he loved her, along with the rest of the class, so we were allowed to stay. She was so good. She slept on my lap or on the table next to me the whole time. Love her. Except, when she pees on the comforter in the morning as I’m getting dressed to take her out. No, I still love her then. 

I hope ya’ll are having a great week! Oh, and just so you know… My dinners have been sad. I didn’t actually eat dinner last night, I was busy and then I was too tired to when I got the chance. I think dinner tonight will be roasted chicken with some potatoes or salad or something. But roast chicken will be involved. Please tell me about your delicious meals, so I can live vicariously through you. Thanks.

XoXo Kayla


This is going to be an interesting week. I’m dog/house sitting for my parents who live in a small town about half an hour from where I live. I have to bring my mom’s dog to my house in the mornings before I go to school, my dad’s dog stays out in a kennel all day. Don’t worry he has a dog house and a heated bed in there. It sucks because none of my wireless devices are connected to my parent’s Wi-Fi so I have to make sure I have everything I need for homework/class printed out at home before I head back to my parent’s house for the night. Their house is also large and scary. 

Speaking of homework, I have a ton to get done this week. I realized I’ve been missing a small portion of my Spanish homework that is supposed to be done on paper instead of online. Ooops. I’ll get caught up on that tonight. I also have a ton of Humanities and Math homework to complete. Humanities can wait until tomorrow, math HAS to get done tonight/tomorrow afternoon. I can handle that. I’m baking some cookies for the fellas at my husband’s work tonight and I might be a nice classmate/student and bring some in for my Spanish class. I made some food; a stir-fry, roasted chicken served over salad, and banana nut muffins to take with me to my parent’s house. I made banana chocolate chip muffins for my hubby. I’m not a huge chocolate fan.

I guess our roommate is moving out. I guess she has a friend at her church that is looking for a roommate or something like that. So she’ll be moving in with her soon. She doesn’t have very much privacy here, and all four of us share a bathroom, so it will be better for all of us. 

XoXo Kayla

Math Class and Muchos Gracias

Whew. Had my first math class of the quarter tonight. Two and a half hours of…math. My head hurts. My back and hips hurt even worse. My back still isn’t better and those chairs are very uncomfortable even when there is nothing wrong with my back. My teacher made it clear this math class moves very quickly, so I have a feeling math will be my life for the next 10 weeks. Not so great when I’m taking Spanish as well. As of right now I think my biggest trouble with humanities will just be trying to stay awake in class. 

With school starting this week, and my back problem, we haven’t been eating very well or creatively this week. Last night we kind of stuck to the meal plan and had grilled chicken, but we veered off plan with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables, instead of asparagus risotto. Tonight was bad though. I don’t get out of math class until 8:00 and it was only my husband and I around tonight, so I picked up Muchos Gracias on the way home. Bad, on so many levels, but oh so yummy. Now I’m in bed, tryyyying to convince myself to start on my math homework since we already have a boatload, with the promise of another boatload on Thursday. Better get started.

XoXo Kayla