Well Hello There!

Wow. So I kind of just disappeared for a very long time. I’m really very sorry about that. School and work consumed my life. But the good news is, I’m not working anymore. Yeah, that lasted long. I quit, I needed to focus on school. More good news, I’m taking on face to face class (that means we meet in person, btw) and THREE online classes. So since I spend the majority of my day life on the internet anyway, I’ll post here more often.

I don’t think I mentioned before that my stepmom changed schools, so while I used to volunteer in her kindergarten class, I am now volunteering for 5th graders. Yikes, now I have to answer hard questions about math and stuff. I’ve been really busy with school so I haven’t made it in much this year, but I am really enjoying the older kids, although I really do miss the little ones.

Okay, so I’ve rambled enough for one post. My thoughts are that for the time being most of my posts will be my menu plan for the week. In those posts I’ll link to the recipes I’ll use if they aren’t one of my own. If they are one of own of course I’ll share it as well. If I’ve never tried a recipe before I’ll take pictures and share any changes I made and our review of the meal. Let me say that I hate when people make huge huge changes to a recipe and then rate it. If you make one small change then alright, but you can’t change half of the recipe and then share your thoughts, it’s no longer the same recipe at that point! It drives me nuts. So I promise I won’t do that.

XoXo Kayla


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